Interim Management

We often receive calls from hospital administrators who have just learned that their Director of Surgical Services, OR Manager, SPD Manager or ASC Administrator - someone they depend on to keep a department running - is leaving. This sort of change can threaten the stability of the department. We can place an interim, full-time clinical leader to provide day-to-day management and direction in your OR and SPD. If opportunities for operational improvement are apparent, the interim director/manager/administrator will work with you to implement change.

Interim Management

Interim Director of Surgical Services or OR Manager 

The interim director we place in your perioperative area can:

  • Manage the overall operations of your OR in accordance with hospital policies, standards of nursing practices, and governmental and regulatory agencies for perioperative areas

  • Address management issues identified through hospital process improvement efforts

  • Provide administrative and financial accountability for planning, directing, staffing, coordinating and controlling functions and activities of the OR

  • Monitor and propose improvement initiatives related to hospital customer satisfaction processes

  • Participate in preparing annual operations and capital expense budgets; direct necessary analysis, factoring financial need into budget projections; and present per hospital protocols

  • Provide monthly analysis and reporting of revenue and expenses per hospital processes

  • Administer data collection for staffing utilization, room utilization and preparation of periodic productivity reports used at the hospital

  • Maintain or propose revisions to programs for staff retention and recruitment, continuing education and competency-based learning

  • Participate in perioperative standing committees and hospital-wide committees as assigned

  • Communicate with physicians and work closely with the Medical Director to maintain a high standard of medical care and develop client relationships with surgeons

  • Assist with recruitment and transfer of the OR to a new director

  • Perform duties as assigned by the Chief Nursing Officer or other designee

Interim SPD Manager

The interim manager that we place in your SPD area can:

  • Manage the daily operations of the SPD, including practice standards, staffing, budgets, fiscal management and quality improvement

  • Address management issues identified through hospital process improvement efforts

  • Develop and administer policies, procedures and practices related to sterile processing

  • Establish and maintain customer satisfaction of serviced perioperative areas and physicians

  • Develop and implement action plans to improve staff development

  • Function as a resource and role model for clinical expertise

  • Hire, evaluate, manage, motivate and counsel SPD personnel

  • Maintain all protocols for quality control, records, labor relations and fiscal assets and compliance with all federal, provincial and accreditation body regulations and guidelines

  • Manage and control expenditures within budgets

  • Participate in hospital fire, safety and disaster programs

  • Support and enforce infection control policies and procedures

  • Maintain a professional approach with confidentiality

  • Communicate effectively with medical, nursing and interdepartmental staffs

  • Assist with recruitment and transfer of SPD to a new manager

  • Mentor a new manager as needed

Interim Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Administrator

The interim administrator that we place in your ASC will:

  • Be responsible for the daily operations of the center

  • Develop a business plan to ensure the fiscal goals of the center are achieved

  • Monitor the performance of contracts and other financial matter

  • Develop an annual budget at the direction of the Board of Managers (BOM)

  • Handle all facets of accounting, including bank accounts, cash flow, accounts payable and receivables, and management AR days

  • Ensure compliance with all federal, provincial and accreditation body regulations

  • Develop a monthly board meeting agenda, financial data packets and reports for all pertinent clinical and business information; e.g., equipment and block requests, payer contractor changes, etc.

  • Ensure adherence to all established policies and procedures

  • Manage third-party payer relations

  • Be responsible for all personnel management 

  • Develop clinical goals, quality metrics and benchmarking 

  • Work closely with physicians to provide efficient, quality care to all patients

  • Perform all duties assigned by the BOM


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