SHC commits on all consulting projects to provide implementation support for all recommended programs. This option is offered to all clients and is dependent on the specific recommendations and implementation assistance needs of the client.  

We will work with each client to define the appropriate level of implementation support desired and required. Implementation support is customized to fit the identified opportunities, available internal capacity and/or the requirement to achieve quantifiable outcomes. 

We offer several types of implementation support, including:

  • Project director support and assistance to a surgery implementation task force – 4-6 consultant days per month for 4-6 months are generally required.

  • Facilitated design of key elements of the perioperative program, such as presurgical screening, scheduling, block management programming or sterile processing design.

  • Preparation of detailed recommended program design components; e.g., job descriptions, policies and procedures, training programs, forms, step-by-step implementation plans, etc. This option is generally utilized by clients who have a large number of surgery program changes, want to achieve implementation quickly or have limited internal staff.

  • Full-time, three-quarter-time or half-time on-site consultant to personally direct all or specific parts of detailed design and implementation processes. These personnel are experts in the specific field requiring comprehensive redesign and/or experienced perioperative change managers/facilitators.

  • All or some combination of the above.

During implementation, our team will provide hospital administration with a list of quantitative measurements that identify where they started, six-month goals and long-term/final goals. Our implementation commitment - together with our client references and the consistent positive results achieved by our prior clients - will assure administration, OR management and medical staff that all of our recommendations are data-driven, evidence-based, best practice and achievable. We can ensure that implementation of our recommendations will result in a more than adequate return on investment.


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