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Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) have transformed the outpatient surgery experience by providing a convenient alternative to hospital-based procedures. ASCs are focused on ensuring quality care, convenience for the patient, and providing a great surgical experience.

Sullivan Healthcare Consulting has partnered with many hospitals and physicians to develop and manage their ASCs. Our projects have ranged from single-room, physician-based facilities to multi-specialty joint ventures. 

Each project is customized to meet your individual needs. Our team can provide some or all of the following perioperative program assistance. Additionally, the Sullivan team offers implementation services for the services below.

Feasibility Assessment

An assessment of the feasibility of your ASC

When considering building an Ambulatory Surgery Center, it is imperative to conduct a feasibility assessment to determine what type of facility and services should be provided. In order to do this, Sullivan conducts geographic market research and identifies area competitors to determine the likelihood for success.  Included in the assessment is identifying  the ideal location, estimating land costs, evaluating rent if purchasing a building, determining  CON requirements, selection of architects and construction companies.  We also will develop a proforma identifying costs and projected revenue based on the case mix of the procedures and location of the Center.

ASC Development

A detailed engagement that can help you build your ASC

The Sullivan Team can start at the beginning of your project with potential site evaluations, selection of the architect / design firm and review all schematic floor plan designs. We can provide a comprehensive equipment list and negotiate with vendors to achieve the best pricing. Our team can also meet with individual surgeons to determine their needs/requests and work with instrument vendors to ensure all required equipment, supplies and instruments are ready for opening day. Additionally, we can place a team on site for the first 2-4 weeks of opening of the Center to assist with any building, equipment and clinical flow issues that may arise.

Licensing & Certification

Assistance with licensing and certification of your ASC

Licensing and certification of an Ambulatory Surgery Center can be very confusing with multiple varying timelines and a significant amount of required documentation. The Sullivan Team can prepare all required state and local licensure applications including facility license, Medicare application and pharmacy license.  We will be on site during all surveys to support the staff through the process.  Prior to all inspections, mock surveys will be conducted to ensure that both the facility and staff are fully prepared. We can oversee the credentialing process and guarantee compliance with all applicable regulatory agencies.  

Revenue Cycle Management

Expert assistance with the Revenue Cycle of your ASC

The goal of an Ambulatory Surgery Center is to prove quality care in a cost-efficient manner. In order to do so, your revenue cycle process is key. The Sullivan Team can provide skilled staff who will set up your complete business office including: loading all files to bill patients, perform insurance verification, manage all  billing and collections, providing monthly  financial reports, negotiating all contracts with payers and assisting with the selection and implementation of an IT system.

Clinical / Operational Assessment

A broad assessment of the clinical and operational elements of your ASC

Our team can develop clinical work flows based on the design of the facility, ensuring the most efficient use of space and time. Our team can develop and/or review the  Board structure, organizational charts, hours of operations, pre-anesthesia screening program, day of surgery process, scheduling process, staffing model, infections control program, quality / risk programs and discharge process. Additionally, we can provide a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that are customized to include state-specific regulations.

Survey Preperation

Assistance ensuring that your ASC is survey ready

Sullivan Healthcare Consulting has assisted many Ambulatory Surgery Centers successfully complete AAAHC, Medicare Deemed Status and The Joint Commission surveys without obtaining any deficiencies.  Our team will provided a two day survey to review the facility and prepare the staff for their upcoming survey.  The mock survey will identify any possible areas of concern that need to be corrected prior to the official survey day. A detailed report will be provided at the end of the two day mock survey.   Our Team can provide assistance with implementing all the recommendations resulting from the mock survey.

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